Hicliqstudio is an entertainment brand introduced to bring you the latest of music audios, videos, entertainment news etc. We pay keen attention to ensuring that you receive the latest in entertainment just as they arrive.

We are also passionate about showcasing the talent of our young and upcoming entertainers by providing them the platform to be heard by the right audience.

Organizing, promoting and contracting entertainers for events and shows is also part of our responsibility.

Promoting a song on our website

To promote a song on our website, an email having the song (to be promoted) as part of its content should be sent to us on music@hicliqstudio.com should be sent to us.

Also, to advertise your products and services on our website, simply send a mail to us on adverts@hicliqstudio.com

Please note

All songs sent to us will have to pass through our quality approval process were the song will be reviewed in terms of the vocals, lyrics, beats etc. before it will be promoted. Either case, we’ll contact you again via mail with the feedback.