Bogus Charms (Audio) | Rick Ross Ft. Meek mill

Bogus Charms (Audio) | Rick Ross Ft. Meek mill
Bogus Charms (Mp3) | Rick Ross Ft. Meek mill

Bogus Charms (Mp3) | Track Info

Written By: Fresh AyrSam HarveyTarik Azzouz4 more
Vocals: Sam HarveyRick RossNovember Ultra & 1 more
Recording Engineer: Thomas Bennett
Mixing By: Finis “KY” White
Mastered by: Colin Leonard
Guitar: Maxime Breton
Release Date: August 9, 2019


The chorus is performed by Texas singer Sam Harvey. Producer Fresh Ayr was responsible for securing Harvey’s placement on the record.
Prior to “Bogus Charms,” Harvey had released a handful of singles.

Bogus Charms (Mp3) | Lyrics

Rule number one is you can never rat
Fucking with you suckers set a nigga back
Break ’em down to baby sacks of Similac
And the only things on tracks I’m serving is the facts
Wanna pop the chain, kill you for your charm
Never mind your name, call you Uncle Tom
Shoot in front of bitches, never made a difference
‘Cause impressing all the pigeons was the biggest interest
Quick to get it popping, nothing for your pockets
Crack melt like Baskin Robbins, never break a promise
Cops rushing doors, niggas flushing dope
Who really tipping Crime Stoppers? You would never know
Half my team illiterate, I know it sound pathetic
But we can each get a brick that’s on a line of credit
Lot of niggas died over fake pieces
And the day I go, I pray my son, he get to read this

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