Cardi B turns heads with cotton candy colored hair while being honored at the Swisher Sweets Awards

It wouldn’t be an event if Cardi B didn’t show up in a daring look.

And for this year’s Swisher Sweets Award show held on Friday in Hollywood California, she didn’t dissapoint.

The rapper, 26, rocked colorful straight locks before being granted the Spark Award at The London Hotel.

Stepping out in West Hollywood, Cardi attended the night honoring people who exemplify passion through their art.

She looked like the queen she is in a multi-hued blue, pink, green and black jumpsuit, which had a melange of patterns stamped across it. 

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Her suit was styled like a blazer at the top and folds of fabric hung from her left hip. 

Her fingernails were grown out to an exaggerated length and painted a soft yellow color.

Cardi stuck her tongue out while posing seductively. 

And even through pictures, one can almost hear the mother of one screaming her signature phrase, ‘Okurrrr.’ 

Also in attendance at the celebration was Iggy Azalea, 28, who from behind, almost looked just like the star of the night, thanks to her similar long blonde hairstyle.

Instead of cold tones though, Iggy’s hair held a hint of orange and yellow within it.

Coming to a pointed tip, her manicure was accentuated by the over the top diamond ring she was given by her husband, Offset.  

The best part of the crazy get up though was the Bartier Cardi rapper’s hair, which was platinum blonde for its base, but spotted with various colors throughout.

Tones of pink, blue and green all made an appearance.

She donned extremely large silver hoop earrings, a graphic one shouldered shirt and scantily tight jeans. 

Other beauties included Love And Hip Hop: New York drama queen Mariah Lynn.

Then there was Jasmine, who kept it simple with pink curly hair.

Also there was Sashah Askari, who skipped the hair dye and wore her do in two high top pig tails as she emphatically posed in front of the grass wall.

Cardi was given an award during the show. 

The Bronx born hit maker was recently nominated for 21 Billboard Music Awards.

Cardi shares her daughter, Kuture, with husband Offset, who is best known for his work in the hip-hop and trap music trio Migos. 

She wore a lime green skirt and crop top set, revealing plenty of under boob.

Keeping with the theme of the night, she too sported pink and blue dye.

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