Miley Cyrus Tell Fans That You Don’t Have To Be A Gay,

Miley Cyrus Tell Fans That You Don't Have To Be A Gay

Miley Cyrus Tell Fans That You Don’t Have To Be A Gay

Miley Cyrus Tell Fans That You Don’t Have To Be A Gay

“I always thought I had to be gay because I thought all guys were evil but it’s not true. There are good people out there that just happen to have d**ks.”

“I was speaking s*** about horrible folks, however let me get straight to the point, YOU don’t CHOOSE your sexuality,” she composed.

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“You are conceived as you seem to be. It has consistently been my need to secure the LGBTQ people group I am a piece of.”

Cyrus uncovered that she is pan-sexual in 2015. She is right now in an association with Australian artist Cody Simpson in the wake of parting ways with Kaitlynn Carter, the truth star she quickly dated in the outcome of her split from spouse Liam Hemsworth.

Talking about her association with Hems-worth in a meeting with Vanity Fair recently, the artist said that being hitched to the entertainer didn’t delete her eccentric personality.

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“We’re rethinking, to be f****** forthcoming, what it resembles for somebody that is a strange individual such as myself to be in a hetero relationship,” she told the magazine.


“A major piece of my pride and my personality is being a strange individual. What I lecture is: People experience passionate feelings for individuals, not sexual orientation, not looks, not whatever.

What I’m enamored with exists on just about an otherworldly level. It has nothing to do with sexuality.”

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