News: T.I Took His Daughter To The Gynecologist For Virginity Checks

T.I Took His Daughter To The Gynecologist For Virginity Checks

T.I Took His Daughter To The Gynecologist

Reports Has Been Thrown Out About The Us Rapper, Best Known By His Stage Name T.I Took His Daughther To The Gynecologist For Her virginity Checks, This Actually Every Year.

T.I Made Mention To Ladies How He Escort His Daughter  Deyjah Harris To The Gynecologist After Each Birthday Party To Check For Her ” Hymen”

Normally After The party She Would Just Relaxed And Enjoy The Gift Given To Her, I Placed A Gummy Note On The Door, Written “Gyno. Tomorrow. 9:30,'” T.I. told the presenters. The Trip Usually Commence After His Daughter 16th Birthday.

The Us Rapper Said That Her Daughter Ought To Sign A Waiver Which Allows The Doctor To Share The Result With Him. Question People kept Asking, “For How Long T.I Will keep On Doing This To His Daughter, Showing Such Caring & Concern, Which Seems To Bad.

Moreover Author Ijeoma Oluo. Tweeted “It’s extremely abusive to police your daughter’s hymen and any doctor who would participate in such an act needs to lose their licence,”

While Jennifer Gunter, a gynecologist and bestselling writer, added that “hymen exams are medically not a thing”, and that the so-called tests “support a disgusting patriarchal trope”.


Also in The In the podcast, female hosts Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham laugh at Harris’s comments, jokingly referring to his daughter as a “prisoner”.


On The Note That T.I Never Did Response To Comment, A Twitter account Which appears to belong to Deyjah Harris had liked several comments condemning the rapper’s behaviour, including one describing it as “disgusting, possessive and controlling”.

Well Talking About This Us Rapper 

T.I is one of the leading forces in trap music, a style of hip-hop from the US South that emphasizes aggressive lyricism and 1980s-style drum machines.

He served seven months in prison in 2009 for attempting to buy unregistered machine guns from dealers who turned out to be undercover agents.

He spent  A Further ten months in prison two years later for violating terms of probation on drug charges.

He has won three Grammy Awards, including for the song My Love, a collaboration with pop star Justin Timberlake.

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