Nick Minaj Can Get Married And Blow Up Just As Cardi B Did

Nick Minaj Can get Married And Blow Up

Nick Minaj Can Get Married And Still Blow Up

Nicki Minaj Dream Was To Be Called A Mother, Not A Woman, Yeah The Good News Is She Is Finally Married To her Darling Sweet Heart Kenneth Petty

Surprisingly, as a shock to most Of Her Fans as Nicki Min had been busy working on her fifth studio album. This week, The rapper somewhat backtracked on her comments and admitted she had no idea fans would be so disappointed if she quit music.

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So Sad in the case that one of the most successful female rappers didn’t realise her worth that was seriously shocking. Better Still Nicki Minaj relationship with Kenneth Which was damn serious was initially shrouded in controversy due to his colourful past, getting married is undoubtedly and it also the happiest time of her life.

But Here Bring The Question In Everyone Mind


 So why should she feel as though she has to choose between being happy and her career?

Seems To be That Nicki Minaj Felt That If She get Married Her Carrier Will Not Still Exist, She Felt Like She Gonna Loose Being famous, That Why She Was Only Dating Here And There.


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If Nicki Minaj Should Have A Doubt Or A Question In Her Mind “That No Female Rapper Who has Ever Gotten Married Keep’s Moving Higher, Then I Suggest That She Should Think Out of the Box And Look Beyond, Cardi B Who Risk It All For A Family She loves So Dearly Better Than Fucking Around.

Talking about Cardi B Relationship With Offset, in 2017 the Female Rapper Cardi B Secretly Married Offset, And She kept It A Secret until Several Month Passed By Before She Could Podcast The Story.

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That kept Everyone So Shocked And Wounding, How She Could have that brilliant Idea To Settle Down, Some Of Fans Actually thought her Carrier Was over at That point.

Not Too Long She Quickly Announced About Being Pregnant in 2018, That When She Gave Birth To Offset Daughter Kulture In July, that Exact When She Unleashed That About Those In Her Line Of Music, And Still Got To Win The Best Rap Album At Teh Grammy’s Award Invasion.

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With All this Nicki Minaj Actually Took Her career So Important, Not Sitting Down To Think Of Getting Married, So She Could Not Be Called Woman Rather To be Called A Mother

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But it’s not all bad. There are other success stories for women in rap achieving accomplishments outside of having children.

Cardi B and Megan are inspiration that it is possible to have it all.

Well Now She All Married To Kenneth petty, Fans Hope That This Wont Be The last Time We ear From Her.

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